Tecmate Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Tender


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  • Optimate 4 Dual program desulfates and saves neglected batteries
  • Optimises battery power and life
  • Safe long term battery care
  • Tests the battery every hour
  • 100% Automatic 100% Safe
  • ADVANCED features:

OptiMate 4 has a sealed "weatherproof" enclosure with wall mounts and is ideally suited for use with batteries in the water & snow powersport markets. Also includes cables that are good down to -40 degrees. User friendly 'battery check' at start. The 10 second battery "Ready to Ride?" test at connection helps the user with multiple vehicles or provides hands on diagnosis of 'tricky' battery problems. Improves on the standard method and includes new unique features. Multi stage Desulfation - low voltage, 'Turbo' and pulse will recover sealed batteries, including cyclic cell and pure lead AGM. A unique pulsing start up method will attempt to recover batteries as low as 0,5V. Multi stage charging - bulk, pulse absorption, cell balancing ensures each cell in the battery performs at maximum. Enhanced testing and safety - 48 hour charge timer, detection of a battery with a shorted cell during charging, 12 hour test and test at connection. All the unique features found in each of the OptiMate battery saving charger-tester-maintainers are the most advanced in the world today, guaranteeing any vehicle or craft owner dependent on a 12V battery the ultimate in unsupervised long term battery care.

* Recommended for all 12V lead-acid batteries from 2Ah to 50Ah, although it can also maintain larger batteries (it will just take longer to charge).
* Approved by ITS to UL & CSA safety standards for battery chargers.

3 year limited warranty. Service centers in the USA & Canada

* Uses SAE connectors.

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