DEI Exhaust Wrap Tan, 2" x 50'

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle

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Wrapping headers and down pipes is an important first step in reducing unwanted and power-robbing under hood heat.

Less under hood heat results in a cooler air charge for improved performance and keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing exhaust density & increases exhaust flow.

Design Engineering Stainless Steel Locking Ties are the perfect way to fasten exhaust wrap for a easy, clean and professional installation.

  • Reduce under hood temperatures a realistic 50%
  • Decreases exhaust density & increases exhaust flow
  • Improves horsepower
  • Withstands 1200F direct/2000F radiant
  • Only exhaust wrap with installation guide lines
  • Added durability and heat retention


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