Acewell 2701 Speedometer Tachometer Gauge Chrome


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  • Multi-functional LCD ATV/Motorcycle computer includes analogue and digital tachometer, speedometer and clock.
  • Computer built-in 4 LED lights for different purpose indicators
  • LCD has 2 rows digital and analogue RPM bar-graphic displays with blue LED backlight
  • Odometer and total riding timer are stored in memory, even when the power is off
  • Wide wheel circumference setting range: 1 - 3999mm
  • Includes hall-effect speed sensor, magnet kits and wiring harness
  • Vibration (8G) and mechanical shock (100G) tested
  • Water resistant tested 100%
  • EMI/EMS tested, E mark certificate




Size: 64mm x 40mm



Note: If you have a 90/90-21 Tire the circumference is 2,139.95 MM.

Stock KTM speedo cables will work with Acewell Speedos if the connector is changed.

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